I develop my own black and white film at home and then scan the negatives. These images only exist in print in limited numbers and upon request. If you would like to view the images in greater detail, right click and select ‘open image in new tab/window’.

An image of a group of friends. Their is a person laying on their back in the foreground, their feet extending away. There is a person in a bikini standing in the middle ground. In the background there are two people sitting on the side of a body of water. In the distance their is water that reflects the trees on the far side.
2022 | 35mm | Lunch By The Swimming Hole
A cat is held in the arms of a man who has paint on his fingernails. The cat has an empty stare.
2021 | 35mm | Chester’s Last Day
2022 | 35mm | Self-Portrait
A bunch of daffodils.
2021 | 35mm
Two side-by-side portraits of a white individual wearing a denim jacket, a bandana around their neck. They have medium length blond hair that is tucked behind their ears. Their hands are in their pockets as they pose against a grey background.
2022 | 35mm | Cole
A fluffy cat walks on the street, some luggage is on the curb.
2017 | 35mm
A large metal tower is seen from below, bare tree branches frame the tower.
2022 | 35mm | Radio Tower in Kansas City, MO
A person in a black and white striped shirt spins a black and white striped umbrella.
2022 | 35mm | Christina