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I’m an atheist simply because I find the probability that I am who I am solely by chance, far more awesome than the idea of an almighty creator. Not only that, but a creator theory removes our individual autonomy as thinking and feeling things. Nothing aside from chance could explain my exact and unique identity. We are all the sum of an endless and random sequence of experiences. Additionally, experiences themselves have no subjective intent. Things do not happen to us. We experience things, events, traumas, media and so on. I believe that taking back one’s autonomy is about confronting the realization that what we experience is not because we do or do not deserve to experience it. Experiences, in their random, particular and permanent sequence, just make one more themselves.



I struggle with the art world and what it represents. People who buy art can’t make it. People who buy art don’t know the value or cost of work. People who buy art are solely responsible for arbitrarily assigning prices to work, further commodifying poor and working class artists, pitting them against one another in a real life as if they’re in a competition to be the Most Expensive Artist. People who buy art are rich. The rich have no idea what the cost of work is, I’m speaking in economic terms now.

It’s hard to participate in the commerce of art making when it’s just a different version of the same class of elite manipulating workers like pawns.


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